About Heffington’s

Photo of the Owners of Heffington's Optical Company, Mark Heffington, Bob Heffington, Gary HeffingtonAt Heffington Optical our mission is to provide the ultimate experience in quality eye care at affordable prices while providing same day service that exceeds our patients expectations. Founded in 1975 by Bob Heffington, Heffington Optical is a family-owned optical manufacturing facility with multiple optical clinics. We make them right, right the first time.

We are one of the largest optical retailers in Southwest Missouri serving in locations in the US and Worldwide. We are known as The Eyeglass Factory because we make them. We don’t send your order off to some foreign entity with hopes that in 2 weeks it will come back in close. We make the right here in Springfield, right the first time, right to the Doctors prescription. You can visit our optical clinics

At Heffington’s House of Vision or at Heffington’s Optiland most of the major Contact Lens, Frame and Eyeglass Lens manufacturers for years have seen the benefits of marketing their products with us to provide the highest optical products and services at an affordable price. The Heffington brand enjoys a commanding dominance in consumers’ minds when it comes to professional eye care with special attention to the products that we manufacture.

We’re proud of our history and excited about the future as we continue to help our customers enjoy the best vision possible. We will continue to work hard at keeping our customers satisfied and coming back with their family and friends to benefit from Heffington’s long standing tradition of excellence in quality and affordable eyewear.